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March 26, 2008



Rafa would be mad to leave Liverpool for Barça (or Real, for that matter, this is nor a prtisan opinion). If he thinks his problems with the Liverpool owners are bad, they are nothing to what he would face at Can Barça, and his policy of rotating his squad at every opportunity really will not sit well with some of the egos (and the press).


Gonzalo - I Agree that his tinkering wouldn't go down to well, but I don't think Laporta and Co are anywhere near as bad as the Americans running Liverpool - at least the Barcelona lot actually care abou the club and dont see it as a franchise.


BarcaPaco, it wasn't so much a dig at the Barça management, more of a reflection of how things are done in Spain as opposed to England. A manager in England generally gets a lot more autonomy and less interference in the day-to-day than in Spain and I think Benítez would be mad to leave Liverpool while he still needs to prove he can win the Premiership.

Plus, I think the coment on his rotations policy is fair - this really is nor practicable at one of the big clubs in Spain without a great deal more power than he would have.

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