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May 01, 2008


I think the problem with Barca is not the players but the approach chosen by the coach , the games against united points too that fact ...they were simple like Arsenal ( respect , am a gunnerfan) a bit of shooting would have resulted into goal and then Eto is not giving his best to the team ..Henry should be allowed to partner Messi in a striking role while eto benched...massive clear out is not the problem I think the coach and the director are the major problems

ursus arctos

The feast or famine mindset of the Spanish football press manages to have a negative impact no mattter which mode the papers are in at a given moment.

Marca's triumphalism isn't any better for the Merengues than Mundo Deportivo and Sport's double Chicken Little act is for the Blaugrana (and of course, all of them can make 180 degree turns almost as fast as Leo Messi); each creates unrealistic expectations, whips up the most unhinged sections of the clubs' support and generally adds lots of heat and no light to the debate.

I thought that Rijkaard (particularly without Ten Cate) was past his sell by date last season, and was never in favour of the Henry signing, but the idea that Laporta "must" fall on his sword and that a dozen or more first team players "must" be sold (to whom?) is just stupid.

Assuming that the board shares my view about Rijkaard, the first order of business is to appoint a new manager and to give him a very prominent voice in the reshaping of the squad. Making massive personnel changes before then would only make matters worse.

I still am struggling to believe that Fabio Cannavaro now has two Primera Liga winners' medals; football is rarely fair.

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