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April 15, 2008



You're right about the whole blogging lark - from a blogger's viewpoint you don't get much of an idea of how many people are reading your content or whether they come to rely on it, unless they happen to leave comments or emails. And I guess a lot of readers don't necessary feel compelled to comment, but that doesn't necessarily mean they don't care whether you post on a regular basis. So, here's my modest contribution to your comments sectiond and I hope you do the same on "All In White" if you ever pop by.

ursus arctos

It's an interesting team, and I'm glad to see that you gave Eto'o a deserved place from a match that Barca cannot look back on very favourably.


Glad you agree about Eto'o, although I didn't think he was outstanding throughout - his goals showed a glimpse of what Barcelona have missed when he is not playing through the middle.

ursus arctos

I would agree with both parts of that. It has been a frustrating season in many respects.

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