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April 08, 2008


laporta si  barcelona si

I support Laporta 100%. The club was a mess before he took over. Yes he needs to make a managerial change but it is not that easy when you have a Champions League semi final coming up.
The so called supporters calling for Laporta to reisgn are insane. The man has helped win 7 trophies in 4 years. And as for the grief the press is giving him for being pro Catalan that is from the Madrid press only.

Laporta Si Barca Si


I'm a Laporta supporter too. If there was an election tomorrow, I'd vote for him again. I've supported him since the days of the Elefant Blau. I think, therefore, that I have a right to dig him out when he makes a gaffe.

Its part and parcel of being democratically elected and something that Laporta himself - at least he used to -understands.

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