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April 16, 2008


ursus arctos

A Che friend of mine, who will be leaving Valencia early in the morning, claims that they are taking 25,000, but I guess we will see how true that may be tomorrow night. He is also certain that Koeman is gone, no matter what the result is, and it isn't hard to see how that could be true.

I strongly feel that Laudrup and Getafe deserve some tangible reward for a remarkable season, and hope that doesn't jinx them.


I see that Cani, Angulo and Albelda haven't even been allowed to travel to the final as part of the club. What is it with Valencia? Even for what should be a fiesta, they still manage to do something divisive.


Random unconnected question...

Riikjard for Chelsea?


Rijkaard to Chelsea?

Who knows? I dont think that half the time even Frank knows. Everything I've heard in the past suggests that he is ready for break. From someone very close to Frank I was told last season that he was going to take a years break from football. I was convinced that was what was going to happen.Then, out of the blue, Frank strolls in to a regular press conference and announces that he is staying for another year.Nobody saw that coming.

So this time around - while it appears a certainty that he will leave - I wouldn't want take anything for granted.

If I had to guess where he will end up, then with Henk at Chelsea sure, its possible and Frank may consider postponing that sabbatical if enough Roubles are thrown his way.

I know that the Milan job holds particularly strong appeal for him as well.

All that is a very long winded way of saying - I don't know.

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