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April 17, 2008


Mark Meadows

Why is the final so ealtry in the season? It gets lost. Domestic Cup competitons on the continent really are taking a hammering. Inter Milan were in the italian Cup semi last night and still played a reserve side.
Doubt this will save Koeman

Lee (La Liga Review)

I don't kmow why that have it so early Mark, and I'n not even sure if it has always been that way. I'll look in to it.

I understaand what you are saying about doemstic cup competitiions in Europe, and the Copa del Rey in Spain has felt seconf rate for quite some time. However, in the last couple of seasons t seems to be growing in popularity and it has proved some of the send tier clubs ot have their five minutes in the sunshine - or in the case of Sevilla, a cance to lift a trophy and as a springboard to bigger and better things. Even the big two have been taking it seriously; but thankfully they have not been very good and its given others the chance to claim the spotlight.

Last night's final really felt like 'proper' final - carnival - and it clearly mattered to all involved.

And you are right about Koeman: dead man walking - or should I say hobbling, limping toward the end of the season with last nights cup in just about enough to see him through the last six games of the season.

ursus arctos

I recall the final being later in the season, but not necessarily the last match of the year as it traditionally was in England.

Just be glad you aren't in Italy, where not only did Inter play a B team in the home leg of the semi-final, they did so before barely 10,000 people, almost half of whom were supporting Lazio.

And don't get me started on the "tennis style" seeded draw, which will guarantee us an Inter-Roma final for the fourth year running if both clubs win their semis.

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